Keep an eye on the Flandresse Azalea collection on the Pannebakker webshop over the coming months!

This Belgian classic is the perfect, reliable bloomer to brighten up any living room during the winter months.The azalea is completely unique because it comes in all shapes and sizes – from the smallest plant for your living room to a huge pyramid-shaped shrub over one metre tall. What’s more, Flandresse’s collections include all the colours of the rainbow. Be sure to keep an eye on the purple and exclusive Hortinno colours.


Flandresse is the benchmark in the Azalea trade

Flandresse offers a full, high-quality range of azaleas all season long. We set ourselves apart through our ongoing efforts to be the most reliable and ȵexible partner for azaleas. Which is why we also like to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers. Flandresse guarantees a reliable and innovative range and all our plants are MPS-GAP and MPS-Socially Qualiȴed certiȴed. Moreover, all Flandresse azaleas go straight from the field into the coolling cell. There they are conditioned at a temperature of 7°C for 4 weeks, after which they are moved to a warm greenhouse. The result is spectacular and luxuriant flowering from every plant that leaves Flandresse.


Azalea Care

  • Azaleas like to be in indirect light at room temperature in order to be able to flower well.
  • Immerse the pot once every four days, preferably in cooled boiled water (the plant struggle to cope with lime) until no further bubbles are produced. Then allow to drain thoroughly.
  • No extra plant food is needed during flowering - a modern Azalea will certainly flower for at least six weeks.
  • Remove exhausted flowers, and leave the plant to rest in a cool spot until the next flowering.